Alexa Boostup

What Is Alexa Autosurf?

Alexa Boostup is a website that gives you points for autosurfing websites and you can use these points to get traffic to your blog for free.It is basically a traffic exchange website and ofcourse, if traffic increases, Alexa Rank also increases.Let us take a look at how this Alexa Autosurf program works.Join Alexa Boostup

How Does Alexa Autosurf Work?

When you visit a site through the autosurf program, you will get a point.You can use this point to get a visitor who is real to your website or blog.

You can even earn 1000 points by referring people to the program through your referral link. I’m not going to throw a bunch of affiliate links at you because I do not want to use this program as Google does not like traffic exchanges.

You need to visit each site for about 50 seconds to get a point.This is totally automated, you only need to sit back and relax, all the visits are automated.

Will This Improve Alexa Rank?

I think it does.Join Alexa Boostup

AlexaBoostUp Review

Basically using this service you have to visit other sites and they will visit your site again using another Surfer.But make site you must install the Alexa toolbar in the browser you are using that will be counted once through the process of Alexa.Join Alexa Boostup

You get more traffic from Alexa Boostup autosurf program.More traffic means better Alexa rank. Although I do think that Alexa is working on beating such Alexa autosurfs by discounting views that look fake, as in visits of exact time periods, visits from some particular website etc

So it may not work for a long time.

Does Google Approve Such Practices?

Definitely not.

I would not get into such Alexa autosurf programs as I feel that Google does not like traffic exchanges and automated traffic to a site.Your site might end up getting Panda or Penguin Penalties.

The solution is simple AlexaBoostUp offers the best feature which is where you want to redirect AlexaBoostUp site visitors, simply redirect all AlexaBoostUp visitors to that page where AdSense is not running with this you don’t want to worry about AdSense. Alexa Boostup auto surf inside a virtual machine or browser profile is preferred, as you can auto surf longer and accrue more points without interfering with your normal browsing habbits.


While I do believe this Alexa Autosurf will help improve your blog’s Alexa Rank, it is not good in terms of Google SEO. What do you think about this program, have you tried it? Please share your experience with comments in the comments section below.Join Alexa Boostup

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