Career as Archaeologist

Career as Archaeologist

An archaeologist is one who studies human activities in the past, primarily through the recovery and analysis of the material culture and environmental data that they have left behind, which includes artifacts, architecture,      biofacts etc. Most archaeologists work in the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in its exploration, excavation, epigraphy, pre-history and museum branches (for these jobs, the ASI diploma is a MUST). Headquartered in Delhi, ASI is involved in the exploration, excavation, conservation and maintenance of 3,600 centrally protected sites and monuments in India. It is also involved in epigraphic research and chemical preservation of antiquarian remains and the organisation and maintenance of site museums.


1. Complete your B.A. History(Hons). A PhD in archaeology is necessary for the higher posts of superintendent of archaeology or senior archaeologist.
2. Recruitment is done through exams conducted by UPSC and State Public Service Commissions.
3. At the postgraduate level, archaeology is offered at more than 25 universities across the country. Some famous institute where you can study archaeology in India are :-
(a) Institute of Archaeology ,ASI, Delhi.
(b)Banaras Hindu University ,U.P.
(c)Kurukshetra University ,Haryana.

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