Career in Computer Science and Information Technology(IT)

Career in Computer Science and Information Technology(IT)

Computers are rapidly becoming an integral part of our life by creating their presence virtually every where i.e. in car engines, microwave ovens, telephones, video games, x-ray machines and  ATM's, etc etc etc and the list goes on. Due to the rapid growth of Information Technology in last three decades the computer industry has become one of the fastest growing segments of the world economy. Thus creating heavy demand for computer science and information technology professionals for the development of more advanced hardware components, new communication systems and sophisticated and efficient software. Computer science professional especially Computer Engineering works towards designing and testing of computer components. Those who deal with the computer equipment are termed as computer hardware engineers and those who deal with the computer programs are called computer software engineers.
Young generation with personal attributes like Flexibility and willingness to learn new things, technologies and adopt new methods of work , Logical thinking, Ability to focus and concentrate, creativity, accuracy, organizational and administrative abilities , Self Confidence, ability to work for long hours and ability to work hard, ability to take decisions, high intellectual capacity, ability to gel well with people and good communicational skills  etc to name a few  with proper education in the related field an make their career in this field successfully.

Software engineers should have strong programming skills as they are concerned with the design and development of many types of software, including computer games, word processing and business applications, operating systems and network distribution and compilers, which convert programs to machine language for execution on a computer.
Hardware engineers are involved in the research, designing, testing, manufacturing and installation of computer hardware such as computer chips, circuit boards, and related equipments. Their work is somewhat similar to that of electronic engineers but limited to computers its related equipments. But the option of moving into hardware or software positions or blending the two made their career option a bit wide. In fact on projects, both these computer science professionals  work together as a team to design software and hard ware computer-based systems for embedded micro controllers, designing - VLSI chips, analog sensors, mixed signal circuit boards and OS as well.  
Students who wish to pursue a career in computer science and engineering  can make fortunes in this field as job prospects for computer science and IT professional are increasing rapidly if  we go by the fact that the number of professionals in this industry is believed to have crossed the 2 lakh mark and still there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of professionals.  In near future US alone requires around 3 lakh professionals, leave aside other  developed countries. It is believed around 65% of the world's software is produced in India.It is also well known fact that India  alone is catering to the software  needs of around 100 countries including exclusive Indian Customers. Many Indian IT companies like Infosys, Wipro, NIIT, Zenith computers, Satyam Computers, STG, Pentafore Software, Mastek etc. are expanding themselves on war footing making their mark globally.
Thus Computers has emerged as one of highly paid careers in the field of Science and technology. A computer science graduate with a good percentage along with good communication skill are instantly absorbed in reputed national and multinational companies. Software and IT companies are the major employers of these graduates. Besides these they can also find job opportunities in a variety of environments in university, research, private and public industries, government departments, business organizations, commercial organizations, data processing departments of modern industries and in areas where computers and computer-aided systems are used, such as aeronautics and space science, the petroleum industry, chemical plants and power plants and management consultancy organizations to name some of them.
These professional can work in various capacities in these organization according to their area of specialization and liking like Programmer/Software Engineers who design programs and specialized packages for the required purposes. There work even involves research and development. Web developers who are engaged in developing websites for the Internet etc. System analysts look after the work of final testing of the software and advising the clients on the purchase and installation of the computer systems. They also are responsible for researching the organizational procedures and planning their computerization. Consultants provide expert guidance to the companies during the purchase of the computer system. System analyst or designers with considerable amount of experience can work as consultants. Technical writers are involved in writing manuals for computers. E-commerce specialists are adept in the net-com business, e-commerce fundamentals and its security issues and assist in developing websites for commercial purposes. Webmasters handle the task of configuration and setting up of the websites and its development. They have an added responsibility of taking care of the security of the websites and create firewalls against the hackers and stalkers. Network Engineer’s job involves giving training to the end users, students or computer professionals in advanced technologies.
Computer engineering with business skills and aptitude can start their own business enterprise with very little investment.
Besides employment opportunities in the native country they can also go for European manufacturing industries that provide excellent career opportunities for efficient computer graduates in areas like cabling, satellite television, cellular telephones, microprocessor system design and software engineering etc.
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