Career in Jewelry Designer

Career in Jewelry Designer

Since time immemorial jewelry has been associated with wealth and status. In the present time, not only it is a status symbol it is also a style and fashion item. This has revolutionized the traditional jewelry and now modern jewelry for different occasions with different price ranges are available. No wonder, Gems and jewelry industry is doing quite well and has provided employment to many.

Jewelry designing is the art or profession of creating, crafting, fabricating, or rendering designs for jewelry. The ancient practice practiced by the goldsmith or metalworker that has now evolved in to a billion-dollar industry. Today with the modern computer aided design software, conceptualizing has become much easier. Apart from conceptualizing, a professional jewelry designer is also trained in the architectural and functional knowledge of fabrication techniques, composition, wearability and market trends.

Jewelry designers are creative people who make designs for new jewelry and then help in manufacture of various jewelry products. Jewelry designers are also skilled in stone cutting, handling of various metals, engraving, polishing, stone setting etc. The make new designs and help convert the designs into jewelry. As a jewelry designer one can specialize in many aspects of jewelry designing.



Courses and Eligibility

  • Bachelor of Design (Jewelry) ( 4 years): eligibility is 10+2 and stream. Most of the reputed institutes like NIFT, NID, Arch Academy, take students through entrance tests.
  • Diploma course in design 2 years, Certificate in Jewelry Design (1 Year), Certificate in Gem Processing and Identification (1 Year)

For most of the courses practical training with a jewelry house is a requirement.

Entrance exams

AIEED of Arch Academy Click me
NIFT entrance test for B Design Click me
NID entrance test Click me

Course Fee

A one to two year study program fee is around Rs 65,000 to Rs 1.80 lakh and short-term courses are available for Rs 15,000 to Rs 65,000.

Where To Study

  • B.Des. (Accessory Design) (4 Years), National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar, Kolkata, Chennai, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai; Entrance Examination
  • B Des (Jewelry) 4 years, Diploma Program 2 years, ARCH Academy of Design, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur; AIEED Entrance Examination
  • Advanced Diploma in Jewelry Design (2 Years) Delhi Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi (Delhi)
  • Advanced Diploma in Jewelry Design (2 Years), National Institute of Jewelry Design and Technology (N.I.J.D.T.), Hi-Tech Vocational Training Center, Shri Maa Anand Mayee Marg, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II , New Delhi (Delhi)
  • PG Diploma program in lifestyle accessory design, NID, Paldi, Ahmedabad.
  • Advanced Diploma in Metals & Jewelry (1 Year) Dhiyoh International School of Design, Shukrawar Peth. Pune
  • Diploma in Jewelry Design, Diploma in Gemology, Diploma in Diamond Grading - rough & polish diamonds, Gemmological Institute of India (GII), Mumbadevi Road, Mumbai.
  • B Sc in Jewelry Design (3 Years) Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (I.N.I.F.D.), Ajmer (Rajasthan), INIFD Campus, Shastri Nagar , Ajmer, Rajasthan.
  • Advanced Diploma in Jewelry Design (2 Years), Global Jewelry and Gemological Institute, Surat Gujarat.
  • Advanced Diploma in Jewelry Design (2 Years) Goyam Institute for Diamonds and Jewelry, Surat (Gujarat).
  • Diploma In Gems & Jewelry (1 Year), Indian Institute of Gems & Jewelry (IIGJ), Bagmal Laxmichand Parikh Campus, Andheri (E),Mumbai.
  • Advanced Diploma in Jewelry Design (2 Years), Indian Institute of Jewelry (I.I.J.), Modern Centre, Sane Guruji Marg, Mahalaxmi , Mumbai.
  • Advanced Diploma in Jewelry Design (2 Years), International Gemological Laboratories and Institute, New Delhi.
  • Jewelry Design (Hons.)(4 Years), Pearl Academy of Fashion, Jaipur, Chennai; Entrance Examination
  • Advanced Diploma and Degree in Jewelry Design (2 Years),Raffles Millennium International, Delhi/NCR, Pusa Road Delhi
  • B Sc in Jewelry Design (3 Years) Sindhar Institute of Gemology, Kolkata (West Bengal)

Career Prospects

In the multi billion dollar gems and jewelry industry there is very good demand for design professionals, Product development professionals, Jewelry entrepreneurs, Merchandisers and Sales and marketing professionals.

Pay and Remuneration

Remuneration and salaries of a jewelry designer can differ depending on the education and experience. For a starter, one expects salary around a lakh to 1.5 lakhs a year. Top-rated designers get very high salaries to the tune of Rs 12 lakhs a year. One can also work as a freelancer and the earnings completely depend upon one’s creativity and skills and hence there is no limit for how much you can earn.

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