Career as Metallurgical Engineer

Metallurgical Engineer

Metallurgical engineering is concerned with metals extraction and refining of metals such as iron,aluminium,gold,copper,diamonds etc,from their ores.

With rapid pace of industrialization throughout the globe there is an increase in demand for various metals and non-metals.Thus,to extract these metals and non-metals from their ores a metallurgical engineer is needed.



A metallurgist should: 
- have mathematical and scientific ability; 
- have a thorough knowledge of scientific methods; 
- able to think logically and analytically; 
- have good judgement and common sense 
- be creative, innovative and have a receptive attitude towards change 
- have good interpersonal relations and leadership ability 
- be computer literate 
- be self-driven, motivated and some interest in finance 

Science students with Physics, chemistry and Mathematics at class 12th level are eligible for the 4 year B Tech program in material and metallurgical engineering. 
After passing classs 10+2 with minimum 60% one can give several entrance exams:
1.Eligible candidates have to appear in the entrance test like IIT Mains and Advanced exam,CET,BITS etc.conducted by CBSE,BITS Pilani etc.
2.After successful completion degree course and completion of the required internship the candidate can give Indian Engineering Services to join the goverenment job.
3.Another option after B.Tech is to go for higher studies ie M.Tech followed by Ph.D in Metallurgical Engineering and can  go for research work or academics.


1.IIT Kanpur
2.IIT Kharagpur
3.IIT Madras
4.IIT Roorkee
5.NIT Trichy
6. NIT Durgapur
7.NIT Raipur
8..Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology,Orrisa


Salaries of metallurgical engineer largely depends on the education and experience.Metallurigical engineer in private sector can get an average salary in the range of Rs.20000 to Rs.30000 per month.With some experience one can get Rs.60000 per month.

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