Career as Biophysicist

Career as Biophysicist

Biophysics applies the principles of mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics to study of living cells and organisms including structures and fine structures and fine structures, bio-electric phenomena, radiation effects and modelling. Biophysicists work in universities, industries, medical centres, research institutes and government. The applications of biophysics are quite significant in bio-chemistry, nanotechnology but its range of research is vast and includes topics such as structural biology or enzyme kinetics etc.


1.Like any other field of research, be prepared for extended study- a PhD and perhaps even post-doctoral research to make a headway in this field.
2.MSc biophysics is offered at Panjab University, Chandigarh, AIIMS , Delhi, University of Mumbai , University of Madras.
3.The department of biophysics, at AIIMS is a centre of drug discovery and clinical proteomics. Eligibility- BSc(H) with minimum 60% aggregate. Selection is on the basis of an entrance exam (90 minutes with 90 objective type questions).
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