Career as Botanist

Career as Botanist

Botanists are scientists who study plants, including flowering plants, and plant-like things such as moss and several types of seaweeds. Various specialisation as botanists are that of plant ecologists, plant taxonomists, plant morphologist, ethnobotanist, mycolognist, plant geneticists etc. Botanists, in their day-to-day activities carry out experiments to examine how ecological conditions affect plant species and also make out new varieties of plants using tissue culture, layering, budding and so on.


1.Pursue the 10+2 course in science disciplines with Biology.
2.Carry out the graduation course in Botany, Biology or related field.
3.Study the PG programs in the same.
4.Earn a doctoral degree in Botany.

Payment for Botanist is around -Rs60000-1400000.
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